Sunday in the Life of a KidMin Director

For most people, Sunday is a day of rest. It is a day to spend time with family and to regroup before heading back to work the next day. It is the final day of the weekend, and your last chance to enjoy a few moments of solitude before jumping into another busy week.

Sundays are NOT like that for me. I work at a church, meaning that everything in my work world converges on Sunday. It is my earliest morning (I usually show up to work between 7:30 and 7:45 a.m. on Sundays), and up until this year when my mental health started slipping and I needed to take a step back, it was also often my longest workday (I would often stay at work until around 8:30 p.m.).

Beyond that, Sundays are socially and emotionally overstimulating for me. Suddenly the church building, which has been relatively quiet all week long, is full of hundreds of people! The kids program rooms are practically bursting at the seems with children and volunteers, and the hallways aren’t much better.

Sundays are the time when many people who haven’t seen each other all week long get to connect and catch up. I think this is a beautiful aspect of being a part of a church community, and I am so thankful for it. But I don’t really fit into this category, because I am not in social mode on Sunday mornings. I am in “hyper-speed, get the job done, make sure none of the kids get lost, confirm that all of the volunteers showed up, cover any of the last minute holes that resulted from volunteers not showing up, answer a million questions when my brain is already fried, survive the morning without pulling my hair out” mode.

I want to clarify something right now. I actually love my job! Though I find Sundays exhausting, the fact that I get to be a part of making a difference in the lives of the next generation makes it all worth it to me. And so I am not complaining right now, though it may seem like it! I am just sharing a little bit of insight into my world, because I know that “Director of Children and Family Ministries” is not the most common job title out there and a lot of people just don’t really know what I do. And most people—even those who know me—wouldn’t necessarily know how draining Sundays are for me.

Normally I have Mondays off, and I love it. I need my Mondays off to recover from Sundays. I need my Mondays off to regroup so that I can do it all again in a week’s time. I need my Mondays off to keep my sanity!

But every once in a while, for one reason or another, I have to work on Monday. Tomorrow is one of those days. I have a massive family event coming up on Thursday that I am running, and I need the extra day to make sure everything is in place by then. Not only that, but at least Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week are going to be 12-hour work days. It’s going to be a crazy busy week, and I won’t have my Monday off to prepare myself for it.

But I’m not worried about it. And I’m not going to worry about it. Instead, I am going to dive headfirst into this week with the expectation that it is going to be awesome. I am going to take what I learned last week, and I am going to apply it to ensure that I keep my cool and remain positive. When I get tired, I’m going to think about all of the amazing things I have to be thankful for. When I get anxious, I am going to breathe and remind myself that everything is going to be okay.

Yes, today was draining. But today was also wonderful. And this week is going to be wonderful. And whatever happens this week, I am going to be thankful.

2 thoughts on “Sunday in the Life of a KidMin Director

  1. Nicolle says:

    Whoa, the place looks really happening on Sunday! And it really sounds like you have a super busy week ahead! Good luck, have fun, try not get too harried (happens to me too when the adrenaline gets pumping 😅), and do take quiet breaks every now and then; I realise your work isn’t quite the same as having a problematic office job, but I find that it helped during a time when I had to work 14-hour days, so I hope it helps you too. ❤️

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