Pausing to Enjoy the Magic of Spring…

It finally feels like spring!

I am writing out on the deck today, trying to soak up every moment of this beautiful weather. Most of the snow has melted now, and even the puddle in the back yard is starting to dry up. Unfortunately, where I live, you can’t necessarily trust the weather to stay like this. Chances are we could have another major snowfall by the end of April (or June, for that matter). But I will enjoy this while it lasts.


I love spring. I have always loved spring. I don’t know if I have a favorite season or not, but spring is definitely up there. It is just so fresh, and new, and revitalizing. Every year, when the weather warms up, I just crave open windows and fresh air. I just want to bask in the sunlight and soak up its warmth forever. It feels so good for the soul.

Do you ever wish there was a ‘pause’ button for life? I do. And its moments like these that I would press pause on. Moments where I just get to sit outside in the sunshine, peacefully thinking about and processing life, so appreciating God’s creation, and enjoying the way my senses are being brought to life.

I can feel the light breeze flowing through my hair. I can hear the sounds of the remainder of last fall’s leaves rustling on the trees. I can smell the freshness of spring in the air. And my eyes are being delighted by the brilliance of the bright blue spring sky. There is something about it all that feels a little bit like magic to me.

It’s perfect. And I wish I could press pause and stay here a while longer. Here, where there is no anxiety. Here, where there is no fear. Here, where I am alive and at peace.

But maybe instead of pressing pause, I can learn how to take the magic of spring into the rest of my life. Maybe I can commit this moment to memory, and close my eyes when anxiety strikes to remember this feeling. Wouldn’t that be lovely? I think I’ll try.

What is your favorite season? And what do you love about it?

21 thoughts on “Pausing to Enjoy the Magic of Spring…

  1. Alex Smithson says:

    Spring is lovely, I enjoy it. It’s so peaceful; so eccentric and full of colour. I love Spring because of the lovely weather; the temperature is just right during the Spring season. The days are longer with more sunlight so that’s a bonus!

    Spring is beautiful. Spring is colourful. Spring is magical!

    Alex Smithson

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  2. myhearinglossstory says:

    Hello Talasi. In Madrid i love the transition from Spring to summer. The summers here are extremely hot and spring can be unpredictable – we had snow just over a week ago and now forecasts of over 20degrees. Celsius this week! But there are a few days when springtime warms up, just before the summer begins; when the mornings are crisp and the afternoons are sunny and warm 🙂 This is my favourite time of year.

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  3. Nicolle says:

    Spring sounds nice! I can’t day what my favourite season is because here in Southeast Asia, we only have 2 seasons; hot, humid and sunny; or cold, rainy monsoon. Or the weird weather we’re having now; both! 😛

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    • Talasi Guerra says:

      Haha, fair enough! Have you ever traveled to another country during a season you don’t have at home? I always find it so strange when I leave the country and wind up in a place with a completely different climate. It definitely works in my favor, however, when I leave Canada in the winter for a tropical destination!!

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      • Nicolle says:

        Haha, I can’t stand the cold, so leaving a wintry Canada for a tropical destination sounds great to me! I haven’t had the chance to travel to another country with four seasons; one day, hopefully. 😀

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  4. lexydragonfly says:

    I love all the seasons to a point, although summer is moving down the list. The only reason is because of my allergy to the sun making going anywhere rather difficult.

    The “pause”. This morning I opened my patio door just to see if maybe I could do my yoga out there. No, still way too cold and yeah, we can get snow anytime too from now till the end of May. It’s unlikely in May but we do get enough heavy frosts to warrant the no-planting-anything-till-after-Memorial-Day rule.

    I just started yoga again so perhaps when it’s warm enough in the morning hours before the sun rages on to my patio, I’ll have that nice moment. 😀

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  5. shruti502 says:

    Hello!Your happiness while basking in the glory of the Spring was beautiful and lovely.Wishing you loads of more sunny days just like this!We have all the seasons here in India and I appreciate and enjoy each one of them.But surely spring has a touch of warmth and radiance in it that is so priceless.

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  6. Ben Aqiba says:

    It is a great season. Every season have certain benefits,but only in spring you can see the magic of life,awakening of nature,and you can feel that energy in yourself,in your hair,in your bones.Magic called life.

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