Rwanda in One Week!

The countdown is on! In one week from today, we are flying out of Edmonton and starting our trek to Kigali, Rwanda! A lot of people have been asking me lately why we are going and what we will be doing while we are there. So here’s the deal!

Our main purpose for going is to visit and serve alongside our friends, Fred and Trizah, who are a missionary couple from Kenya. I met Fred back in 2010 when I was on an outreach trip to Kenya with YWAM (Youth With a Mission) and we have kept in touch over the years.


A few years later, Ryan met Fred in 2013 when we invited him to join us on our travels through Tanzania and Kenya. Currently, Fred and Trizah (and their young son, who is now nearly 3) have been living in Kigali for the past five years, working with a local organization called Hagari Rwanda.


Hagari Rwanda works with women in prostitution and their children, aiming to break the cycle of prostitution and poverty within the family. These women are often not able to afford the cost of school for their children, and as a result, the children are at risk for following in the footsteps of their mothers. Children in the organization’s sponsorship program receive the education they need to give them a more hopeful future. The Hagari Rwanda team members develop personal relationships with each family through regular home visits and assist them through practical services like helping them to build sanitary toilets or keyhole gardens.

We really believe in what Fred and Trizah are doing, and admire the way that they left their homeland and families behind to pursue their calling. Fred wears many hats in the organization, including leading the children’s ministry and coordinating the feeding program, toilet construction, tutoring, and home visits. Trizah helps with tutoring, home visits, mentoring, and advising women with positive employment pursuits.

During our time in Kigali, we will stay in Fred and Trizah’s home and help them in the daily activities of their missions work as much as possible. Our desire on this trip is simply to be a blessing and a gift to our friends, who work tirelessly for a cause that they have sacrificed so much for. We are excited to go and experience first hand the life changing effects of a ministry that we have been supporting for years!

It can be so hard for missionaries to make ends meet, as they don’t make a paycheck and the support they receive from others can be very unpredictable at times! I skyped with Fred and Trizah this morning, and there were a few basic items on their wish list that we would really love to bring them when we go. Simple things like storybooks to read to their son, music to listen to, and a new pair of jeans. Things that I take for granted every day. We are eager to bring whatever we can in order to encourage and bless this wonderful family.

If you would like to support or simply learn more about the work of Hagari Rwanda in Kigali, you can visit their website or watch the video posted below. Furthermore, if you think Fred and Trizah sound like an amazing couple (they ARE) and you are interested in sending along a special gift to bless them as they continue with this very important work, please contact me directly by visiting my contact page or sending an email to

Thanks for taking an interest in our upcoming trip, and I can’t wait to start updating you from Rwanda next week!

Breaking Cycles! from Do Something. on Vimeo.

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