Introducing: Fearless Fridays! (Guest Posts Wanted)

Looking outside this morning, it was hard to believe that I will be enjoying tropical climates in only a few days. With another huge snowfall on our hands, combined with these mild, April temperatures, the streets of Lloydminster are a total mess. I am looking forward to escaping this aspect of spring for the next few weeks while I enjoy some heat in Rwanda!

I have been thinking about how much I will be able to keep up with my blog while I am travelling, but I feel like there is just no real way to know until I get there and see what our daily schedule will be like. Ideally, I would love to continue on with my daily blogging pattern. But if that doesn’t turn out to be feasible, then I will certainly try to keep you updated a few times a week at least!

That being said, an idea has been floating around in the back of my mind for a while now about opening up the Braver Than Before platform to guest bloggers through a feature called ‘Fearless Fridays’! And considering that I am unsure of what my blogging schedule will look like over the next few weeks, this seemed like a great time to introduce it.

The heart behind Fearless Fridays is to showcase success stories about facing and overcoming fears. Whether it is something as simple as getting up and walking to the bathroom in the middle of a dark night without turning a light on, or something as intense as sky diving out of a moving airplane for the first time, we all have a story about a time when we refused to back down in the face of fear.

In starting Fearless Fridays at Braver Than Before, my desire is to not only encourage readers through these stories of triumph, but also to challenge my guest bloggers to look at their lives and experiences in a new way. It’s not natural for everyone to look at themselves as being brave. I certainly didn’t see myself that way when I started blogging at Braver Than Before. But today, I see myself in a new light. I can look back on the past two and a half months and see many examples of times I faced and overcame fears… things I wouldn’t necessarily have seen as success stories before.

So my challenge to you is to look at the untold stories of your life, and to recognize the moments of courage for what they truly are. Let’s put these moments on display and show our fears that we are not going to be a slave to them any longer.

If following Braver Than Before has been an encouragement to you, I want to invite you to participate in this adventure by submitting your Fearless Friday story to be shared through my blog on an upcoming Friday! And FYI… you don’t have to be a blogger to contribute. All entries will be considered!

When preparing your submission, please respect the following guidelines:

  • Braver Than Before is a family friendly site and all guest posts should be G-rated! Please refrain from including explicit content or language that could be considered controversial, offensive, or inappropriate.
  • Braver Than Before is frequented by a wide audience of readers from all kinds of backgrounds and worldviews. Please ensure that all submissions respectfully consider and uphold the value of all others.
  • When writing about your personal experiences with mental illness, please be careful about what details you choose to include. If I feel that something in your submission could trigger a reader towards a destructive behaviour, I will respectfully ask you to edit your post.
  • Do your best to tell your story in an interesting and engaging way! If you have a story to tell but are struggling to write it in the form of a blog submission, please contact me and I will send you some interview questions to answer. In these cases, I will do my best to compile your answers into an article that tells your story as I understand it. Don’t worry, I’ll let you read and approve it before I post it!
  • Submissions may be anywhere between 400-900 words.
  • All submissions will be subject to editing for spelling, grammar, and appropriateness.
  • Lastly, please be aware that I will give the final approval on all content and submissions, and that I reserve the right to respectfully decline posting a story that I do not feel meets these requirements.

Come on guys, I know you have a story to tell. All of us have come face to face with fear at some point in our lives, and all of us are braver than we think! Don’t keep that story a secret from the world. Instead, let it out so that your story can be an encouragement to others!

I can’t wait to read your submission for Fearless Fridays! Click here to submit your story through my contact page, or send it in an email to

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