Fearless Friday: Overcoming Ophidiophobia (The Fear of Snakes)

It’s Fearless Friday, and I am very pleased to welcome my first guest post by Addison D’Marko. Addison is a blogger at AddisonDmarko.com, and I must admit that the story of triumph she has chosen to share today hits very close to home. Being someone who struggles with a severe case of Ophidiophobia, I’m inspired by Addy’s courage and dedication in overcoming this debilitating fear! I can only dream that one day I will have success such as this!

For as long as I can remember, up until my late teens when I faced the fear accidentally, I had been terrified of snakes. Yes, I mean accidentally… someone I was seeing at the time forgot to mention owning a python when we talked about pets! The first time I went over to their house, they had the snake out. While trying to play it cool, I let them convince me to hold the python… no real surprise that I started crying as soon as it touched me.

Terrified, embarrassed, and left with a lot of explaining to do, I felt paralyzed by the panic attack that followed. For someone that grew up with exotic reptiles as pets it never made sense that I was so terrified. After I got through the panic attack, I realized that I should take advantage of this opportunity and try to conquer my fear of snakes.

For the next couple months, I handled that snake every time she was taken out. For the first two weeks there were a lot of tears, but thankfully these tears were only joined by anxiety and not a full blown panic attack by the end of the first month of handling her every second or third day.

Into the first half of the second month of trying to beat this fear, there was still a lot of anxiety, but it was manageable and was slowly starting to get easier. By the middle of the third month I could handle the snake with no problems or anxiety whatsoever. I still would much rather a leopard gecko or a bearded dragon lizard crawling around on me, but I’m not afraid of the snakes anymore.

Between panic attacks, anxiety, and probably at least a wine bottle full of tears if they had been collected, it was nice to overcome my terrifying fear of snakes! It took a lot, but was worth every second because now I can handle yet another cold blooded reptile. Now my only issue with snakes is that they smell, so I would still never want to own one. But at least I won’t cry like a baby the next time I come across one.

Facing fears can be tough and even traumatizing at some points, but getting to a point in life where I could live without fear is absolutely glorious. Yes, it took three months of weekly effort, but it is something that I needed to overcome to live happy and free in all situations and circumstances. I would do it all again if I had to!

—Addison D’Marko

Addison DMarko

4 thoughts on “Fearless Friday: Overcoming Ophidiophobia (The Fear of Snakes)

  1. cleavinghearts says:

    Its when we walk with Jesus we conquer our fears. it is only in certain situations that we begin to feel the fear. When we can go back into the same situation and become fear free that we realise how powerful Jesus is. Bless You

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  2. Nicolle says:

    What an incredible story by Addison D’Marko! it’s really inspiring how she made the more difficult decision to face the fear rather than to avoid it, and actually went through with it. 😀

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  3. diana.mph says:

    Thank you for sharing. I can understand how difficult it must have been. I wish I could do the same but not sure if I’m ready. I feel silly for having this fear and it does affect my life. I can’t even go hiking and enjoy the flowers in California because I’m afraid of running into one. Hopefully I’ll build up some courage like you to overcome this fear.

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