A Silver Lining

“The sky is grey, but I’m not blue.
The healing rain leaves a silver hue.
And even when the thunder assaults the night
I’m unscathed, and the world’s unchanged.
And I can sense a peaceful warning;
I know it’s gonna be a silver morning.”

I remember writing the above words while sitting outside on the covered patio of my small Saskatoon Condo in the springtime of 2006. It was cool and raining, and I was enjoying the freshness of the moment, as I have always loved to do. There is something about a crisp, spring rain that has always spoken so deeply to my soul. There is a life and a newness to the very smell of it that reaches my heart in a way that nothing else can.

It was these thoughts and emotions back in 2006 that inspired me to write the song “Silver” (the chorus of which is featured above). At that time, I was still struggling to escape the beast of binge-purge type anorexia and deep depression. But there was something about the gentle spring rain that always gave me hope. It was like there was a healing quality to it that left me believing that better days were yet ahead. In the same way that the rain left the world feeling alive and new, it left me feeling like I could finally have a fresh start.

Today, these sentiments have come rushing back to me. And as the soft spring rain falls again, I am reminded of the silvery lyrics I penned all those years ago. I am reminded of the hope that survived in my soul, even on the grayest of days. I am encouraged by the willingness of such a broken heart to cling to the belief that healing could be possible, even for me. And I am thankful that I held on.

If life is gray for you today, my encouragement to you is to look for the silver lining. Don’t forget that the sun still shines behind the clouds; that even when it rains on your parade, that rain is bringing life somewhere. And that life is a gift.

5 thoughts on “A Silver Lining

  1. Nicolle says:

    Great post, Talasi, and I agree! It’s hard but there’s a silver lining in everything. 🌦
    That said, I’ve always loved the sound of rain; it’s soothing. I especially love the sound of rain at night when I’m ready to sleep, and the cool, fresh morning after. 😀

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