Decemblog Challenge – 31 December Journal Prompts to Get Me Writing Again!

Let’s just get super real here.

I feel like I’ve literally been living inside a cloud of writer’s block for ages. It’s about to be December, and I have written only twelve blog posts this year (excluding this one). For a person who used to blog once a day, averaging just over one post per month is pretty devastating! (At least that’s more times than I’ve cleaned my bathroom. Hey… I said we were going to get super real!)

Yes, I have been adjusting to a new normal this year. Avra has been growing like a weed, and I have truly treasured all the precious moments of her first year of life. We have experienced all kinds of ups and downs, and I have learned so much about myself and motherhood. But man, this year has gone by way too fast. And it has been hard enough to just keep up with the constantly changing baby routine… never mind all the other things.

But I miss writing. I miss blogging. I miss being able to sit down at my computer every day and compose something meaningful—whether that be for myself or others. So I’ve decided we’re going to try something this next month. I’ve found this lovely list of December Journal Prompts over at Brittany Moses: A Journey of Faith and Mental Wellness, and I plan to spend this next month working through them. (Please have grace if I miss a few!) 

I’m super excited to dig into these, because the truth is, I just want to write something. Anything! And I need to stop making excuses, feeling guilty, being lazy, or worst of all, just plain avoiding it. Writing is good for me. And I look forward to processing my year, and looking ahead to the future, as I work through these 31 prompts this next month!

If anyone is interested in joining me, I would be delighted to do this with you! Leave me a comment or send me a message and let’s do this!

Happy Decemblogging!

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