3 Ways to Maximize Your Time’s Potential

Time. We all have the same amount of it, but for some reason, none of us ever seem to have enough of it. We always want more. More time to spend with our families. More time to get our work done. More time to relax. Time is an interesting commodity in that sense. On one … Continue reading 3 Ways to Maximize Your Time’s Potential

Don’t let Your Weeds Win

Life is like that, isn’t it? You take your eyes off one area of your life to focus on another for a season, and suddenly you come back to find weeds growing up where they don't belong. Even when you’re focused on good things, those pesky seeds that you didn’t notice blowing in on the breeze can still begin to take root when you’re not paying attention.

Fearless Friday: Not Good Enough

Happy Friday, everyone! Today I am excited to welcome a guest post by friend and fellow blogger, Katrina Hamel. In today’s post, Katrina shares about how she is refusing to let fear and insecurity hold her back from using her God-given gifts. I hope it will encourage you to do the same! For more inspiration … Continue reading Fearless Friday: Not Good Enough

When You See Brave, Say So! (Kelsey’s Story)

It’s Day 4 of “100 Days to Brave”, and I am loving the journey so far. It’s given me so much to think about in these first few days, and I’m constantly being reminded that I am already so much braver than I ever give myself credit for. The thing is that brave is around … Continue reading When You See Brave, Say So! (Kelsey’s Story)

100 Days to Brave: Day 1 (…again!)

Wait a minute… what? Day 1 of “100 Days to Brave”? Didn’t we have this post already? The simple answer is, yes. A few weeks ago I posted about Day 1 of my “100 Days to Brave” journey. But here’s what happened. In that post I had invited anyone interested in participating to join me … Continue reading 100 Days to Brave: Day 1 (…again!)

Confident Rest.

Today’s reading posed the question, “How different could your life be if you put your full trust in God and strove to seek Him daily?” My initial response to this question was, “well, I think I’m really trying to do that.” But when I dig a little deeper and really think about it, I realize that I’m no where close to putting my full trust in God...