“I Shall not be Afraid”

“Faith conquers fear.” I read these words tonight in a study I am doing called “Breaking Free from Fear”. As I reflected on this short and simple statement, something struck me: I believe that the statement is true, and yet, I have never really seen this truth actualized in my life. In my life, it … Continue reading “I Shall not be Afraid”

What Do You Love About Life Right Now?

I was looking up blog prompt ideas this morning, and one in particular asked, “What do you love about life right now?” The truth is, this has been a crazy emotional last few days. The hormones in my body must be raging out of control right now, because sometimes the tears just keep on coming … Continue reading What Do You Love About Life Right Now?

4 Lies that I Believe About Myself

We all believe lies about ourselves. Even when we don’t realize it, our creative minds come up with these sneaky, little untruths that can convince us we are something we’re not… or, often times, that we’re NOT something that indeed we ARE. A huge part of my mental health recovery journey has always been identifying … Continue reading 4 Lies that I Believe About Myself

10 Things I am Thankful For Today

I’m so very exhausted right now! And I certainly don’t feel like blogging. But I also know that spending a bit of time writing would help with my mood and my focus. So here’s what I’m going to do tonight. I’m simply going to write a list of ten things that I am thankful for … Continue reading 10 Things I am Thankful For Today

Sometimes Your Mess Has Meaning

Productivity feels good! Now I know that most people don’t generally enjoy the idea of work… especially when it comes to tedious tasks like vacuuming the house, mowing the lawn, or in my husband’s case, figuring out how to put away the clean Tupperware containers when emptying the dishwasher! But regardless of how you feel … Continue reading Sometimes Your Mess Has Meaning