Honored to Receive…

Over the last week or so, I have been very honored to receive two different blog awards from three of my fellow bloggers. Within a day or so, Nova (from The Butterfly Tree) and Heather (from Unqualified Heart) both presented me with the Versatile Blogger Award. Then, around a week later, Carly (from My Hearing Loss Story) … Continue reading Honored to Receive…

Waging War on Fear: Fighting an Abstract Concept in a Concrete Reality

For me, fear is a rather abstract idea. I mean, it is distinct in the sense that I understand what it is. I feel it often and I know how to identify it. But at the same time, it doesn’t seem to have any one definite source and it is often not even based in … Continue reading Waging War on Fear: Fighting an Abstract Concept in a Concrete Reality

The Weekly Smile (Because Life is Beautiful)

The Weekly Smile is a blogging event that promotes positivity and encourages writers to talk about the beauty they see in the world, rather than focusing on the negative. I thought this was such a lovely idea, and I knew from the moment I came across it that I wanted to participate. The idea is … Continue reading The Weekly Smile (Because Life is Beautiful)

Self-Confidence Sunday: Correne’s Courage

I came across a blogging event today called Self-Confidence Sunday. The goal is to start the week off on a positive note and to share something that inspires you to feel confident! I thought this was such a wonderful idea, and I am excited to participate and share my inspiration with you. In preparing to … Continue reading Self-Confidence Sunday: Correne’s Courage

Looking Back and Moving Forward

I started Braver Than Before just over one month ago and it has been an absolutely amazing journey! Since my first post, braverthanbefore.com has been viewed over 6500 times by people in 50 countries around the globe! I am utterly humbled and so deeply honoured by these statistics. When I started out on this venture, … Continue reading Looking Back and Moving Forward