Sometimes Your Mess Has Meaning

Productivity feels good! Now I know that most people don’t generally enjoy the idea of work… especially when it comes to tedious tasks like vacuuming the house, mowing the lawn, or in my husband’s case, figuring out how to put away the clean Tupperware containers when emptying the dishwasher! But regardless of how you feel … Continue reading Sometimes Your Mess Has Meaning

Introducing: Fearless Fridays! (Guest Posts Wanted)

Looking outside this morning, it was hard to believe that I will be enjoying tropical climates in only a few days. With another huge snowfall on our hands, combined with these mild, April temperatures, the streets of Lloydminster are a total mess. I am looking forward to escaping this aspect of spring for the next … Continue reading Introducing: Fearless Fridays! (Guest Posts Wanted)

3 Reasons You Can Be Brave Today, Despite Your Circumstances

What does being brave mean to you? Yesterday, a fellow blogger shared a post with me after reading what I wrote in Fears, Phobias, and Fresh Starts. The post she shared was all about a woman who was actively working on overcoming her phobia of snakes. I couldn’t believe this woman's bravery—it was amazing what she had … Continue reading 3 Reasons You Can Be Brave Today, Despite Your Circumstances