Don’t let Your Weeds Win

Life is like that, isn’t it? You take your eyes off one area of your life to focus on another for a season, and suddenly you come back to find weeds growing up where they don't belong. Even when you’re focused on good things, those pesky seeds that you didn’t notice blowing in on the breeze can still begin to take root when you’re not paying attention.

What Dental Health Taught Me About Mental Health

I am a flosser. Although flossing is one thing in life that I actually manage not to obsess about, I do genuinely enjoy the feeling of freshly flossed teeth—particularly after eating something especially chewy or stringy! This was the case after I ate supper last night. I took the evening off from my previously planned … Continue reading What Dental Health Taught Me About Mental Health

Assessing, Addressing, and Ascending

The truth is that I have been noticing an apparent downturn in my mood and an increase in my anxiety over the past week or two. There are several simple factors that, when I look at the situation objectively, I can see having a negative effect on my mental wellbeing. I want to talk about … Continue reading Assessing, Addressing, and Ascending