Say No to Negativity

Not long ago, Ryan and I discussed how some of our recent conversations had taken on an unnecessarily negative tone. Ryan, in particular, has always been a passionate advocate for taking a positive outlook on life, and so this was a strange place to find ourselves in. It wasn’t that either of us had intentionally been steering our conversations in a downbeat direction, but somehow, it seemed we had wandered off the more positive path without realizing it.

Heart Surgery: Who do You Want Holding the Scalpel?

I don’t know how to process what I am feeling right now. Emotionally tired? Confused? Overwhelmed? There’s one thing I do know for sure: I do not feel like writing. I keep sitting here and staring at my screen with a tremendous urge to slap shut my laptop and go do something else—anything else that … Continue reading Heart Surgery: Who do You Want Holding the Scalpel?