Say No to Negativity

Not long ago, Ryan and I discussed how some of our recent conversations had taken on an unnecessarily negative tone. Ryan, in particular, has always been a passionate advocate for taking a positive outlook on life, and so this was a strange place to find ourselves in. It wasn’t that either of us had intentionally been steering our conversations in a downbeat direction, but somehow, it seemed we had wandered off the more positive path without realizing it.

4 Lies that I Believe About Myself

We all believe lies about ourselves. Even when we don’t realize it, our creative minds come up with these sneaky, little untruths that can convince us we are something we’re not… or, often times, that we’re NOT something that indeed we ARE. A huge part of my mental health recovery journey has always been identifying … Continue reading 4 Lies that I Believe About Myself

Ancient Anxiety: A Perspective from the Past

This morning I came across a quote in the Bible that really struck me. It is found in Psalm 94:19 and it says, “When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy.” It was already highlighted in my Bible when I read it this morning, meaning that I had definitely read and appreciated it … Continue reading Ancient Anxiety: A Perspective from the Past