Feelings ≠ Failure

feelings-failureMy week was not exactly what I expected. I wouldn’t say it was the worst week, but it wasn’t a spectacular week either. Ryan was sick with a cold (and then bronchitis) for almost the whole month of January, and somehow I managed to dodge his bug that entire time. But it finally caught up to me this week. I have been sniffling and sneezing like crazy, fighting off plenty of headaches, and finding myself dehydrated and exhausted.

All week I have been mindful of the Motivation Monday blog I posted four days ago, but I have definitely been struggling with a few of the points! Sure, I took steps in each of the categories, but I always tend to focus on the negative side, rather than the things I did well. Intentionality (point #1) in my world often happens in the form of making healthy choices to look after my mind and body. This includes things like meal planning so that I can ensure I am getting all the nutrients I need, exercising often to stay fit and increase energy, and being sure to set aside time to relax (ie. read a book or take a bath). Well… none of those things actually happened this week.

While I have been trying to go to bed early and get lots of sleep (point #2), my body has not really been cooperating. Even with plenty of cold and flu drugs in my system, I would find myself waking up constantly through the night. Last night I gave up on the meds and just tried sleeping on my own… and I ended up awake from 3 a.m. until 5 a.m. this morning!

Furthermore, I had full intentions of working my butt off (point #3) this week, but instead I have found myself working at a turtle’s pace. Day after day I would come home thinking, “I really didn’t accomplish all that much today. I need to work harder tomorrow!” But then I would get back into the office the next morning and need to completely re-motivate myself all over again. While I did cross a number of things off my to-do list this week, I really had hoped to accomplish more.

I could look at this week and decide that it was a write-off. I could just give up now and not even try to have a successful weekend, choosing to just crawl into bed, nurse my headache, and wallow in self-pity. But I don’t want to do that. I want a better weekend than that!

So instead I am going to take point #5 from Motivation Monday and exercise it right now until I feel motivated enough to do something positive for myself this Friday evening. If you haven’t read the post, point #5 is “celebrate the victories”. So here is a list of things that I consider “victories” from this past week:

  • I blogged daily. Sometimes my posts were published later than I would have liked (including this one). But I followed through on my commitment.
  • I wrote a guest post on a new friend’s blog! This was such an honor for me, and I really enjoyed the experience. Click here to visit Marie’s blog and read my guest post!
  • I had two really big items and a bunch of small items on my work to-do list this week. I was able to cross off a bunch of the small ones and one of the really big ones that I have been procrastinating on for weeks (writing an annual report).
  • While I didn’t get around to meal planning, and I did make some poor dietary choices for sure, I also made a couple healthy meals and managed to grab a few healthy snacks for Ryan and I here and there.
  • I did laundry and vacuumed the house.
  • I worked through any anxiety symptoms that I experienced and didn’t have a meltdown.
  • I looked at a few pictures of snakes today. (I had Ryan carefully select some “cute” ones that he thought I would be able to look at without losing it. He managed to find a couple pictures of tiny little snakes wearing top-hats! What a great start!)
  • I didn’t let my sickness get me down. I mean, it definitely SLOWED me down. I took it pretty easy on myself so that I could try to get better, but overall I think I did a pretty good job of not letting it steal my joy.
  • I spent time daily reading my Bible and allowing God to renew my spirit (except for today, but I am going to do that as soon as I publish this post!).

When I look at this list, it is easy to see that this week was not a write-off. Sometimes it is easy to feel tired, worn-out, and empty, and erroneously conclude from how you are feeling that you have somehow failed. But feelings don’t equal failure.

My week may not have looked like what I expected it to. I may not have accomplished everything I hoped I would. But I did still accomplish a lot. And I am thankful for that.

How was your week? Do you tend to let your feelings determine your level of success or failure in life? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

8 thoughts on “Feelings ≠ Failure

  1. Nicole M. says:

    I constantly struggle with being led by my feelings 😐. It is taking a LOT of work to stop such an unhealthy habit but I am better than I was and that is encouraging. I too struggle with perfectionism and can be hard on myself. I’m LEARNING to function more out of grace and love then fear and doubt.

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    • Talasi Guerra says:

      Thanks for sharing, Nicole! It’s so true… this takes a lot of work. I’m so encouraged to hear that the hard work has paid off for you, and I am already starting to experience a little bit of the pay-off myself. I am trusting that God will bring total transformation to this area of my life over time!

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  2. Marie Abanga says:

    Hi Talasi, you see how sweet your name is even my bosom friend June finds it so sweet. Thanks for this post, because yes I had to get this on last wednesday night when I got home and felt exausheted and yet couldn’t think I could have overdone it. I kept feeling some where in my mind I didn’t do all as planned and so what was there about any overdoing? I agree with Nicole’s comments. It was so great having you as a guest on my blog and I hope you visit again whenever. It open for you and pretty everyone cause we are out here sharing to help ourselves right? Sorry for the cold and all, listen to your body and nurture it – I have done that since Thursday although (yes here once again) I didn’t do all as planned 🙂

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    • Talasi Guerra says:

      Honestly, making the list worked wonders! It really helped me put my week in perspective and realize that I was being influenced more than my energy level and emotions, than by the actual facts of the week 🙂


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